Alright, first thing's first – I will NOT be naming the business this story took place in.

No, I am not scared. Naming the business where this TRUE story took place could damage its reputation, and I will not have this on my conscience. Plus, it's not thaaaat bad.

It was a Sunday night, and my wife and I were excited to get sushi. Without knowing the best location, we decided to try a "random" one while we were out and about in New Hampshire.

Along with my sushi, I decided I was in the mood for some chicken fingers. You know, the chicken fingers from Chinese food restaurants. They are the best, hands down.

They're golden, three inches, fried to perfection, and meaty inside, and you know it comes with the duck sauce on the side. DUH.

Youtube, Charlie's Cooking Show
Youtube, Charlie's Cooking Show

So I order my meal, ALL excited for a combo of sushi and chicken fingers, and what comes out?

Some chicken nuggets. Like Tyson. Like McDonald's. Like the nuggets on the kid's menu.

I'm talking like this...and YES, there was even ketchup on the side (no duck sauce).

golden chicken nuggets
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Immediately, I chuckled. However, I was extremely polite. Perhaps they thought I wanted chicken nuggets. It could have been a mistake.

I tried to correct the order, and the response was that this was the ONLY chicken "finger" they had. I tried many times to find common ground and make the waitress understand what I was referring to, but according to her, there was no "typical" chicken finger, just these nuggets in the kitchen.

I said "okay", and left the nuggets and ketchup on my table. No need to argue (just a good story). But it gets even better.

A minute or so goes by, and the couple behind me orders a bunch of apps for the table, including fried rice, crab Rangoons, and of course, chicken fingers.

At this point, I was done with my meal (not the nuggets). I was waiting to see what the waitress brought to this table.

Sure enough, five minutes later, an outburst of laughter at the table behind me. I knew they gave him the nuggets also. Unfortunately, he was rude.

The man dug in a little harder than I did (or ever would), because he was thinking what I was...THESE ARE NUGGETS, NOT FINGERS.

Anyway, I showed him my plate, had a hilarious laugh with my wife, and we headed out with one of the best Chinese food stories of our life.

And NO, this did not take place at one of my personal favorite spots: Chef Huang's Asian Fusion, now one of my favorite sushi spots in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

How would you have reacted? Would you send it back, or cut your losses like I did?

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