Christmas is my favorite holiday. I'm not crazy about the cold and the snow. I'm not really religious. But I love the sentiment and the magic of the season. I love giving gifts. And just in case you were wondering...yes, I like receiving them too!

With all of that said, I'm not crazy about the decorating. Oh I love a house decorated for Christmas. I just don't get too excited about doing it. Sure, when my boys were little, I loved it. But now they're older, I'm just a lot less enthused. Maybe I shouldn't be. Perhaps I should be even more excited than when they were small. After all, they're teenagers, and they come complete with their own supply of sarcasm and skepticism. Maybe I should be that dorky dad who still gets excited about a stuffed Santa or an Elf on the Shelf.

One holiday tradition I truly love is picking out the Christmas tree. Jack and I started a tradition a few years ago of finding a tree, together, and then chopping it down ourselves. But since we prefer a live tree we don't put it up until about 10 days before Christmas. However, I realized this morning we are in the minority. It looks like almost everyone in New Hampshire already has their tree up, and the house decorated.

Here are a few of the comments people left on the WOKQ Facebook page...

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