The last few weeks, I've been in various stages of having a cold. After enduring the torture of my first dose of cough syrup since Alan Jackson was water skiing in music videos, I was all in for chicken soup today.

One problem: I haven't found  a slam dunk soup place here in Dover.

Hannaford's version comes through every time, so I walk in there. In my most millennial moment yet, the words do you have a soup bar shot out of my mouth before I even knew what I saying. Huh? Soup bar? On occasion, I still eat over the sink. Where is this level of luxury chicken soup for the millennial soul coming from? Anyway, they didn't, and I happily plowed through this:

The words "do you have a soup bar" flew out of my mouth today. I felt like such a millenials 🏆

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However, I can help but think of two things.
1. Getting sick reminds me that soup rules and I should consume more of it.
2. In Dover, what local secret am I potentially missing out on?

Any suggestions?

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