I'm out of town this week.  I went to Dallas to visit my folks.

It always amazes me (it's the small things in life), and I look for the lowest gas prices.  So l saw that prices were below $2.00 per gallon here in Texas.

Check out the screen shot I took of places near me below.

I got this from my Gas Buddy app.  I always forget I have it until I see that gas has gone up or I'm somewhere where it's ridiculously low.

Gas Prices

So I checked Gas Buddy and found the cheapest in Dover and Portsmouth. We're talking the likes of $2.29 and $2.19 per gallon.

You can always just type in a zip code or city and go from there.

We will start using it more now because we do travel all over New England as a family and that would definitely help.

What's the cheapest you've paid for gas?

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