Stress is a killer. Most all of us suffer from stress to some, kids,'s all enough to drive you nuts. I've always felt like most people in New England have a pretty good grasp on it though. It's hard to be too stressed when we live in such a beautiful part of the nation.

A new poll by WalletHub confirms my suspicion. They just released the results of a study where they ranked every state from the most stressed to the least. They used nearly 40 factors to cover about everything that could stress us out, like commute times, unemployment rates, debt, divorce rates, the cost of childcare, depression rates, and crime rates.

Source: WalletHub

After crunching the numbers, WalletHub found out that New England fared pretty well. The most stressed out state is Maine. They showed up as the 35th most stressed out state in the country. It was probably all of those Nor'easters this winter. And all of that summer traffic.

When I think of Vermont...I think of beautiful trees and lakes. How's that stressful? But Vermont came in 36th on the list of most stressed out states. Connecticut was 38 on the list. New Hampshire ranked 41st.

The honor of least stressed out state in all of New England...despite the traffic...goes to Massachusetts.

Despite living in one of the least stressful places in the United States, if you feel stressed click HERE for seven ways to beat stress according to WebMD. Or just watch this relaxing cat video.



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