You never know is going to grace our #WOKQsessions stage! In the past we have welcomed artists like Lo Cash, Tenille Arts, Dylan Scott, Runaway June just to name a few. It is a real treat to see these artists perform in such an intimate space.

Our listeners get to ask the artists questions, take photos with them, and when they leave we all feel like best friends! It is thrilling to follow these artists' careers and watch them take off. Then we get to say "Hey! I remember watching _______ perform with 15 other people and now they sell out big 'ole venues!

August 2021 was an epic month! We had some incredible talent grace our WOKQ Sessions stage. Let's take a look back, shall we?

Conner Smith

WOKQ via Facebook
WOKQ via Facebook

Great guy, GREAT HAIR, and great voice! That is what we call a triple threat in the business. Conner told us he started dating his neighbor during quarantine and it was AWESOME until it wasn't. He wrote a really relatable song about the whole experience, though.

Larry Fleet

Larry's humble demeanor paired with his powerful voice makes Larry one of the coolest cats to grace our WOKQ Sessions stage. His song "Where I Find God" got scooped up by Luke Bryan but he was taking too long to record the darn thing so Larry was like "You snooze, you lose, Lukey!" (he didn't actually say that but he did end up recording the record himself)

Pricilla Block also stopped by!

Sadly, P (yeah, we're tight like that so I call her P) didn't have time to perform when she came to visit but it was such a pleasure meeting her! We can't get ENOUGH of her song "Just about over you". She got started on Tik Tok and we see massive things for her career!

If you didn't win your way into any of these Sessions, keep your eye on our schedule for upcoming sessions in August and September! WOKQ Sessions is made possible by our friends at Newburyport Bank.

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