I'm actually stunned by this upset in the 'Best Brunch in NH' category. Stunned I tell ya!

Let me start this by saying I have nothing against the winner of this year's 'Best Brunch,' voted on by the viewers of WMUR.

As a matter of fact, I've actually never eaten at the place that has been voted #1. I have, however, spent many a Sunday with my family at the Old Salt. The Old Salt, located in Hampton had been voted 'Best Brunch' for the past couple of years and I thought no one could take that title away from them. Apparently, I was wrong!

The votes are in and the 2019 Best Brunch Winner is...

Lilac City Grille at 103 North Main Street in Rochester. I've taken a look at their menu and it does look pretty tasty! I think one of these Sunday's, we might have to take a ride to the Lilac City and check out the Lilac City Grille.

If you're interested, the Old Salt placed 6th this year. You can check out the entire list below.

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