This is one of those things that has ALWAYS annoyed me but I never thought to say anything about it. Perhaps I thought it was user error and if I could learn how to open the bags more carefully I wouldn't run into issues. It is refreshing to know I am not alone and that sometimes if you speak up your voice will be heard! And it doesn't hurt if the Governor of New Hampshire agrees with you. ;)

On August 2nd, a loyal Market Basket shopper and Londonderry resident Kevin Smith decided to voice his aggravation on the Twitter-sphere. Governor Sununu replied to Kevin's sweet essentially saying "PREACH, BROTHA!"

Market basket responded and said they would do something to fix the issue and, by golly, they did!

I am not sure how long Market Basket has been placing the stickers on their deli meats and cheeses this way. All I can tell you is when I was growing up my dad did all of our grocery shopping at the MB in Leominster, MA. And I can remember HIS frustration with the bags ripping back in 2002. So to say this game-changing for Market Basket shoppers is an understatement!

According to Governor Sununu voiced how he pleased he was with the new packaging by saying:

“Finally, the days of re-bagging my cheese because of bad sticker placement are over,” the governor said. “Looks like I’m making grilled cheese for dinner!”

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