Last week, I was having a terrible time trying to pronounce the name of a certain Barrington police officer. Sgt. George Joy is a very nice man and great police officer, but, his name is very difficult for me to say. To top it off, his K-9 partner's name is Gypsy. So, when I try to say "Sgt. George Joy and Gypsy," I sound like an idiot. Turns out, I'm not the only one who has difficulty pronouncing often used words/phrases. It was cute to hear some kids call into the station this morning with words they can't pronounce.  Justin from Turner, Maine couldn't say 'czechoslovakia.' Can't blame the kid on that one!  It was fun to see several posts on Facebook from people who couldn't pronounce 'spaghetti, burglary or jewelry.'

Speaking Of Sgt. George Joy...


He was part of Cocheco Valley Humane Society's "Tails 2 Trails" fundraiser over the weekend.  Sgt. Joy brought along his K-9 partner, Gypsy for a demonstration on how police dogs are trained.  The best part was when Sgt. Joy made Mark Ericson slip on the 'bite sleeve' and have 'Gypsy' 'attack' him.  Check out the video.


Meteorologist Rob Carolan says today, sunny and warm with a high of 85...83 in the North Country.

Surfs Up
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There's is a big storm way out in the Atlantic Ocean that's churning up the waters, which means there is a 'high surf' today.  If you're able to get outta work, head to Hampton Beach and check it out. High Tide is just after 3:30pm.

WOKQ Year of Service Partner - Richie McFarland Children's Center - Golf Tourney

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Our Year of Service Partner, Richie McFarland Children's Center was in Studio Big today to talk about their upcoming golf tourney.

Top News Stories

Deadly Plane Crash Kills Seven
Federal investigators are searching for the cockpit voice and flight data recorders from the Gulfstream jet that crashed Saturday at Hanscom Airfield in Bedford,Massachusetts, killing seven.

Mazzaglia Trial Resumes This Morning
Prosecutors will continue to present evidence in the first-degree murder trial of a man they say raped and killed a University of New Hampshire co-ed.Prosecutors told jurors in opening statements that Seth Mazzaglia raped and strangled 19-year-old Elizabeth Marriott after she rejected his sexual advances in 2012.

Maine Company Set To Test Prototype
A Maine company that wants to build underwater river turbines as an alternative to diesel generators used in remote villages in Alaska will begin testing a prototype next month. Portland-based Ocean Renewable Power Company says its RivGen Power System was built with backing from the Alaska Energy Authority and the Denali Commission. The company also is testing units off the Maine coast.

Stupid News

Packing a hand grenade isn't a very good idea - even if it's just a souvenir.  A college professor was busted at L-A-X for putting a hand grenade in his carry-on bag.  Granted, the grenade was a World War II era souvenir of his late father's.  Police said the charges will likely be dropped.

Joke du Jour

A jewelry store owner frantically called police saying that an elephant had broken into his store and stole all the jewels.  The police asked the man to describe the elephant and this is what the business owner said:
"How am I supposed to do that, he was wearing a nylon stocking over his head!"

Coming Up On Tuesday

Donald Sterling tops the list of the "Most Hated Men."  Who do you think should be on the "Most Hated Women" List?  Plus, we have another pair of 'Win 'em before you can buy 'em' tickets to LUKE BRYAN at the Verizon Wireless Arena.






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