For years tropical storms have been given names and in recent years the winter storms that keep us occupied  also have been given names. Last year 22 storms had an effect on us.  I have to admit I gave up after winter storm THOR.

Today the WEATHER CHANNEL and National Weather Service announced this years class

This year the list from A to Z starts off with AJAX (named after a cleaning product ?) and ends with ZANDOR (which sounds like an enemy of a comic book superhero)

One cool storm name I hope we never get to hear about is the same as a Country music legend, WAYLON (Jennings)

The "Old Farmers Almanac"  is predicting another harsh winter like last years.  The National Weather Service is calling for moderate winter weather.  I guess how far we go into the alphabet will be the determinator.

Get the ice scraper and snow blower ready.  By the way, if we get to WAYLON... I'm outta here and heading for Luckenbach Texas.

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