Fairs, flannel, and a fall freeze. They're inevitable.

After leaving the Northeast for a week and change, it's amazing how quickly temps have dipped. Shorts were a mainstay when I left (it's radio, the dress code is pretty loose) and there was still daylight close to 8pm. Fast forward a few weeks, and whoa...it's become fall-like, even if summer has a few weeks left in the tank.

Full into pumpkin spice, and fair season, the next big question is when it's going to freeze.

The growing season nearly all but over, northern parts of New Hampshire can expect a freeze by the end of the month, according to the National Weather Service's Twitter account.

They measured the average of the first frost of the season from 1981 - 2010.

Most of the Granite State will feel the first official chill right around October 1st.

Based on history, seacoast New Hampshire will stay relatively warm until around October 11th.

So, within a month, we'll all be freezing :)

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