dad helps child with injury

Dad's just have a way with words! Whether it's a one line, a go-to phrase, or pearl of wisdom, Dad's always seem to pull them out at the best times! We asked our listeners on the WOKQ Facebook page to share their "Dadisms" with us and you did not disappoint! Here are some of our favs:

Amy Welch: We have a long running joke with my dad after a tedious attempt to order ice creams when I was a child. He tried to order a large ice cream, but the girl informed him they only had one size, so he told her to make it a small. She repeated they only had one size, so he tried a medium... this went on for a full minute or more with him trying to order different sizes and she telling him they only have one size. Why she didn’t just make the cone is beyond me... so now, when someone is ordering anything where they have to specify size, we all throw in, “Make it a large.” or “Sir, we only have one size.” I have been kind enough to raise my son to join in on the fun, too. Now when he goes with my dad anywhere he does it. 😂

Amy! I love this so much! Even though I don't know your dad I can just imagine him saying, "No sizes? Okay, then make it a small."

Kathleen Shedd-Camire Money doesnt grow on trees

Molly Warmbein Someone says, “you’re funny,” and dad replies “yeah, but looks aren’t everything.” (An all time favorite it our house)!'

(My dad uses that one too, Molly! A classic!)

Autumn Stewart When we were brats he would say "I brought you into this world and I can take you out"

hahaha YUP! Don't mess with dad!!

Gail Holbrook Blanco “This isn’t a gymnasium” (my sisters and I doing flips and cartwheels in the living room).

As much as we would treat the living room like a gymnasium, leave it to dad to remind us that it is in fact no a gymnasium!
Courtney Koczera "Dont stand there with the door open!" (The refrigerator...)

Said every dad ever!! Whenever I'm standing in front of the fridge it takes exactly two seconds for my dad to come over and hover and be like "what are you looking for??" 😂 the minute that fridge door is open, hes on HIGH ALERT!

Danielle Phillips My dad worked 3rd shift when I was little. Hr often said he was "checking his eyelids for cracks"

Thanks for sharing these! We REALLY enjoyed them and it got us in the Father's Day spirit. If you'd like to add another please feel free to leave it in the comments section!

We are wishing all of the papa bears out there a very happy Father's Day!

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