Over the weekend, a 19-year-old Massachusetts woman apparently managed to light her clothes on fire in the back of a Hampton, New Hampshire police cruiser.

According to the Press Release, Jeante Driscoll of Leominster, was given a warning by a Hampton Police Officer to stop loitering near Kennebunk Savings Bank on Winnacunnet Road. When she refused to leave the area, officers placed her in custody for Loitering. She became agitated during the arrest and police say she struggled to get into the cruiser. While she was being taken to the police station, she lit her clothes on fire.

The officer quickly pulled the cruiser over and removed Driscoll from the vehicle and rolled her around on the ground in order to extinguish the flames. She was then brought to the Hampton police station where she was treated by the Seabrook Fire Department for her injuries.

She was eventually transported to Portsmouth Hospital. Driscoll was also charged with Assault by Prisoners for kicking an officer in the groin while in custody at the Police Station.

Driscoll (shown below), was released on $10,000 PR Bail and is scheduled for arraignment on October 2nd at the 10th Circuit Court in Seabrook, NH.

Credit Hampton NH PD
Credit Hampton NH PD

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