In a bizarre case where it has yet to be determined what criminal charges, if any, can be brought, reported that fake severed wooden legs have been showing up at a shark attack victim’s memorial stone.

Arthur Medici died last year after a day out surfing with his friend, according to, and despite his friend’s efforts to bring Medici to shore and tourniquet his leg, he passed away from his injuries.

Medici was only 30 yards offshore when the attack occurred.

Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet on Cape Cod has a memorial stone placed to remember the victim.

According to, the first wooden leg found at the site was removed and discarded by workers with the public works department. But then, it happened again.  And then a third time.

Lt. Michael Hurly of the Wellfleet Police Department is left with little to go on as to why someone would do this.

Even if caught, it’s difficult to determine what type of crime this vandal would be charged with. It’s technically not even vandalism since the memorial stone is untouched.

What is the purpose of leaving these items at the memorial?

Hopefully, local officials find the suspect and get to the bottom of their motivation.

The reminder must be painful for friends and family of the victim.


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