Remember how Woody, the Cowboy toy from the Pixar "Toy Story" movie franchise gets lost and eventually returns to his owner?  Well, the same thing happened in real life, and thanks to some super creative employees at the Plaistow, New Hampshire, Home Depot, the toy was reunited with its child, according to

After being found in the parking lot of the Plaistow Home Depot, Woody was "put to work," the news station stated. The Home Depot crew gave Woody a variety of jobs and posted pics of him on social media in hopes of finding his owner.

Woody worked hard during his days at Home Depot.

Sarah Huberdeau, a Home Depot employee told “There was an associate in lumber that was like ‘let’s have him cut on the saw!’ And the associate in paint was obviously like ‘oh yeah, let’s have him mix paint!’”

The project worked!  Woody's adventure was shared repeatedly on Facebook and eventually, the Facebook post found its way to Lindsey, the mother of the child who is Woody’s owner.

Desmond is 2 and often visits the Plaistown Home Depot with his father, according to the news station.

The key tip-off was that the Woody featured in the Home Depot Facebook project was missing his hat, according to the news station as  Desmond’s Woody had been missing his hat also.

Desmond’s parents called the Home Depot and Desmond came to retrieve his Woody, bringing his Buzz Lightyear toy.

I’m not sure who was happier, Desmond for finding his lost Woody or all the Home Depot employees that had fun posing Woody doing numerous jobs around the store.  This story made my heart swell.

As a toy, I bet Woody is thrilled to have made so many people happy.




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