When York local Pam Babkirk decided to take the plunge to open a tattoo studio in town, officials and enforcement officers had to ruffle through town ordinances to see if there were any prohibitions against tattoo studios in York.

Since there are no studios in the area, they figured there had to be a catch somewhere.

Seacoast Online shared Babkirk’s story and relayed that there are no rules against it and she has the green light to be the catalyst for York’s tattoo scene.

INKremental Tattoo Studio

When you picture a tattoo parlor, you probably immediately imagine dark colors, blaring rock music, sterile chairs, and aggressive flash tattoos covering the walls. You walk into these types of environments and you think oh, maybe I should be getting a skull tattooed on my butt and not a butterfly on my wrist.

As the Seacoast article shared, Babkirk wants to change this image and create a space that is open, welcoming, artsy, and more of a relaxing spa environment rather than an aggressive biker lounge.

As an artist and loving mother, she is bringing a fresh face to the industry, and rather than having flash tattoos all over the place, she’ll have massage chairs, hand-painted thrifted furniture, and artwork on the walls to create an upbeat yet relaxing space.

As much as I love the common tattoo studio aesthetic and a good dose of Metallica blaring in my ears, I think this is a fabulous idea and York is a great place for it. This type of environment will be more inclusive and accommodating for those who may be nervous or feel intimidated by the usual ink scene.

We wish you great success, Pam!

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