If you're going to spend a long, arduous winter living in Maine, you should at least try to find some fun and excitement during that time. If skiing and boarding aren't your skill, if ice skating or ice fishing just isn't your cup of tea, then perhaps something that only takes a little courage and a perfect inflation is for you. We're talking snow tubing of course.

Seacoast Adventure in Windham has put together a dynamite tubing park for years now. Families come from surrounding towns all winter long to enjoy the tubing experience over the weekend. But it's those that have an extra urge to be daring that take on the Seacoast Adventure tubing park after dark.

While the tubing hill is well lit, there's still a different sense of danger sliding down the hill at high speeds in your tube while being surrounded by darkness. But for those that show up weekend after weekend for night tubing, that thrill is exactly why they do it.

And sure, spring is almost here and winter is almost over but you've still got time to visit Seacoast Adventure and get some tubing in after dark. They make their own snow, so there's no concern there. They're open Friday and Saturday nights throughout March for night tubing. If that still sounds a little too adrenaline pumping for you, there's daytime tubing on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10am. Also, if you're a student, you can get half-price night tubing on the first two Thursdays of March.

So strap the boots on and take a few deep breaths. Snow tubing after dark might be just the thing you need to get through the last few weeks of winter.