This is the time of year in Northern New England where we stop cursing mother nature and start praising her. Sure, she put us through yet another hellish New England Winter but guess what? We survived! And now we have Spring, Summer, and Fall to look forward to! Yahoo!

Show us how much you love mother nature and it could earn you an Earth Shoes shopping spree at Red's Shoe Barn. How can you capture your love for mother nature, you ask? Snap a photo of you hugging a tree or smelling pretty flowers! Maybe your way of bonding with mother nature is sitting outside on your favorite bar patio enjoying a cold one. If so, send us a pic of that. Extra points if you are rocking a pair of Earth Shoes in your picture!

All photos must be submitted through the WOKQ app (submit a photo is on the side menu) We will be accepting submissions until Sunday, 5/5 at midnight!

Can't wait to see your pics! And remember, if people are giving you weird looks for hugging a tree at the park, they're just jealous of your special bond with Mother Nature.

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