Tenley Prince took us on a stroll down memory lane by posting this photo in the "You grew up/lived in southern N.H./ME. seacoast if you remember" Facebook group. She captioned it:

"Saturday night as a child Jiffy pop cooked on the stove as a child as we drank Kool Aid in these tumblers while we watched tv."


It's funny how one photo can cause a million memories to come flooding back. The photo got almost 200 likes and TONS of comments. These tumblers were a little before my time but I learned a a lot about what they meant to people! According to my intel, here are some fun facts about these vintage drinking vessels.

  • They froze your fingers but kept all beverages the perfect icy temperature
  • They weren't exclusively for Kool Aid. People also drank fizzies or ZaRex (whoa! That's a deep cut!)
  • You could buy them in a 12 pack
  • As a kid, you knew which color you wanted/deserved. If you didn't get it, fights would ensue.
  • People either loved these tumblers or HATED them. The haters would complain about icy fingers or that it made everything you drank taste like metal!
  • Apparently, these are still available for purchase on Amazon.

I would probably have a similar nostalgic feeling if I saw a picture of one of those plastic bowls with a straw. The straw made it easier to drink the milk from your cereal or the broth from your soup! Do you remember those? My brother and I used to eat Ramen noodles out of these bowls and clog the straws on purpose with the noodles. *Sigh* those were the days.

Is there an item of drinkware or dishware that transports you to a simpler time?

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