I used to love that show Man v. Food. That dude Adam Richman could pack away massive amounts of grub. It didn't matter if it was wings, or nachos, or an entire side of beef. He almost always won. I'm sure Tums and Rolaids hated the day he gave up the show and decided to be more health-conscious.

Well if you're less worried about your waistline and more into taking on a HUGE food eating challenge, I have the perfect place for you. It's KC's Rib Shack, in Manchester. KC's is the home of the Feedbag Shovel Challenge.

Normally recommended for three to five people to share, it's 6 pounds of every type of meat they serve, plus two sides, and cornbread. Take it down...and keep it down...in under 30 minutes, and you'll get your meal for free and your name and photo on the wall of fame.

KC's isn't the only place in New Hampshire where you take a food challenge and get your meal for free. Check out six other great spots here.

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