Love to take pictures of yourself with products? Marketing firms have their eyes on you.

You waited in line a full 15 minutes to get that Grande Frappuccino with extra cream. Why not take a picture of you and that over-sugared drink to commemorate such an effort?

Marketing firms are one good reason to avoid including brand logos in your selfies. (Also, nobody wants to see a picture of you sipping that Pumpkin Spice coffee. Nobody.)

According to The Wall Street Journal, these companies are combing through social media websites to find their brands and collect data to target their advertising. Your life is collected among thousands of others so a soda company can know who drinks their products.

Companies like Ditto Labs Inc. scan through these public photos to identify logos and products. Anyone can hop onto their website right now and see a constant stream of their software's handiwork. It is as hypnotic  as it is upsetting.

It is crazy how our favorite social media websites make constant announcements  about their privacy efforts, yet there really is no privacy on the internet. We want to be shared, "liked" or retweeted so much  and forget that sometimes a little privacy is worth more than a stranger's approval.

Keep all of this in mind the next time you feel like posing with your products. Some marketer may be considering it for their next advertising campaign or using it for their next report.

I have a feeling that, if a service like this grows in popularity, it can get flipped around by internet trolls. I can only imagine what twisted, erotic photos these companies' logos could get slapped on. It would give these marketing firms something to think about while they are applying our lives to a microscope.

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