Gunnar, a mastiff/boxer was shot while playing inside a fenced tennis court area Sunday.

According to the Union Leader, Claremont police are continuing to investigate a shooting which involved a two year-old dog at Monadnock Park Sunday. Gunner's owner, Taysa Combs told the Union Leader she routinely brings him to the park when the courts are not in use by tennis players. However, when players arrive, she always yields to them.

According to the Union Leader, A couple arrived at the courts to play, Combs said, and she called out to them to wait so she could get Gunner on his leash before they opened the gate. The man didn’t listen, Combs said, and started opening the gate anyway. Gunner reportedly charged, and the man starting running. This, after being told not to run since the dog would think it's a game. “He’s big and goofy, I figured he would run,” Combs told the Union Leader. “The guy started freaking out.” A gun appeared, and an unknown number of shots were fired. The couple left the park before police arrived.

The dog now has shattered bones and will need surgery, Combs said. The veterinarian is not sure how many times he was shot, because of the way at least one bullet fragmented.


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