What's happening for Halloween in New England?  There's a brilliant app for that, and it includes everything so you can create the perfect Halloween.

It's called FrightMaps, and like all apps, it's super easy and free to use. This Halloween-themed app shows you all kinds of New England attractions and professionally-curated events like parties and haunted houses, hayrides, mazes, Halloween displays, and homes handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

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As a matter of fact, no matter where in the country you want to enjoy Halloween festivities and frightful fun events and hauntings, FrightMaps, according to ABC 6 in Philadelphia, should most definitely be your go-to Halloween app for everything Halloween. It will even show you which homes are handing out candy.  You see, what makes FrightMaps super unique is similar to the Waze traffic app.  We can actually ping what Halloween happenings are going on, and exactly where to find them.

Destination Salem, Massachusetts via Facebook
Destination Salem, Massachusetts via Facebook

The dad who created this app lives in suburban Philadelphia in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He told ABC 6 that any Halloween enthusiast can upload their own house if they want, so everyone can drive by and see those 12-foot skeletons from Costco, huge blow-up creatures, creepy crawly decorations, lights, and other frightful imageries.

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You can even mark your home as a house that's handing out candy, so kids can stop by to show off their costumes and fill up their bags.  FrightMaps will show you the most active neighborhoods, which are a win for those of us who want easy access to Halloween.

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