As these new Maine pizza review videos surface after Barstool's Dave Portnoy's visit to Portland, they get funnier and funnier.

I mean there are 19 things that went sideways in this next one that you just have to appreciate.

This particular review is of OTTO in Portland, and the chick who works there went absolutely bonkers.

Sidenote: Dave does try to determine if this is the original OTTO location, and it turns out, according to OTTO's website, their first spot was at 576 Congress Street in Portland. Now you know.

Okay, so quick hit details on the OTTO review. He rated it 7.1, which is not bad, but not great. Monte's got an 8.4, so he clearly likes their pizza better.

You wanna know what the girl who quite literally works at OTTO likes better? Another pizza place she called out by name: Pizzaiolo.

The boldness of that move is incomparable. She works at one pizza place but calls out another one, and you just can't hate her for being real. I mean, a true beaut of a moment. And maybe she was a little starstruck when she said it, too, right?

And how about the Philly native at the end of the video who just marches up to the camera mid-review to tell Dave she thinks Maine pizza is trash? She's the type of chick who knows what she wants out of life and isn't going to settle.

We have to respect queen behavior like that.

Another sidenote: as expected, in the past few days Monte's in Portland has been getting an overwhelming demand for their pizza. I don't know that it sounds like they can handle it.

Either way, these Maine pizza spots seem to be getting a ton of attention after Dave's pizza reviews. Ready for the next one?

*Heads to Monte's after writing this article*

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