Picture courtesy of Patty Mondore youtube
Picture courtesy of Patty Mondore youtube

I must admit, I am a loon lover, and I’m not talking about my wife.

The beautiful loons are back in New England in record numbers, according to WMUR.

A large number of loons is because of increased protections for the birds.

The bird, with its blackhead and signature red-appearing eyes had a slight increase in numbers in New Hampshire up to 313 nesting pairs in New Hampshire and 101 nesting pairs in Vermont, the news station reported, and that is the highest number of nesting Loons recorded in Vermont since 1978.

How could you not love the loon? Its distinctive call is often heard at dusk.

Their numbers have been steadily going up since the 1980s, and Loon Preservation Committee Executive Director Harry Vogel is quoted as saying to WMUR 9, “Vermont is the star, it’s an exception to the rule which has seen a gradual and slow recovery in the Northeast… this has not just happened. We have made it happen through intensified conservation efforts.”

Coastal development especially in New Hampshire has been the struggle for these lovely birds. Warmer conditions also have had an effect.

Maine has the largest population of Loons, according to WMYR, but it’s nice to see that conservation efforts bring it back in Vermont and New Hampshire.

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