As a kid, one of my favorite Christmas presents was a telescope. While I never really got the hang of identifying all the stars, it sure was pretty to look at.

If you’re a fellow stargazer this is a great week for you!

According to WMUR, there will be multiple events to check out this week including the rise of the decade’s final full moon, viewings of not one, but two planets and a possible meteor shower!

The show begins on Wednesday with a double shot of Venus and Saturn appearing next to each other. WMUR recommends looking to the southwest to check it out before the planets disappear below the horizon.

Then for the night owls, you can look at the full moon just after midnight on Thursday. The best view will be around 12:12 a.m.

If the meteor shower is what you’re most excited for, Friday is your night as WMUR suggests looking away from the moon and off into the darkest part of the sky to spot it.

So turn the TV off, grab a telescope and get ready for a great show!

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