A lot of factors go into the decision on where to plant your roots. Maybe you were born and raised here and that’s where you plan on staying. Maybe you packed up the family and headed to the Northeast.

Working in radio, I’ve moved a number of places including Louisville and Detroit, MI but something about New England always calls me home.

I was born and raised in western Massachusetts, and nothing is more beautiful than the changing leaves of fall or the first snow fall of winter here in New England.

Well, according to a number of new surveys, moving home was a pretty darn good decision.

According to HomeSnacks.net, it turns out that New Hampshire is the BEST state to live in in the country!

What goes into this ranking? Well the article looked at the crime rate, economic status, income tax, and the unemployment rate.

This isn’t a first for New Hampshire either.

This particular study shows this is the third time in a row that NH has come in first.

So, who came in second? Well, New Hampshire just edged out Massachusetts to top the list. Coming in third? Hawaii! Can’t argue with that!

Another study done by WalletHub, reported by Patch, puts New Hampshire among the best states to raise a family. This study looked at 50 indicators including Health & Safety, Education and Affordability.

The article states that NH came in first in the lowest percentage of families living in poverty, as well as lowest unemployment rate.

New Hampshire was ranked #5 overall, with two other New England states landing in the top 5…Massachusetts and Vermont.

Not bad. Not bad at all.



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