Sooooo, this is my family's first snow in New England.

Our daughter Madison had never experienced snow in person, and she loved it.

We live in York, Maine, and we got a lot of snow last night and this morning. (And it looks like more is on the way for tonight and tomorrow.)

I learned a couple things, too.

As we were walking around the neighborhood last night in the snow, I saw that you pull the windshield wipers away from the glass. I also learned to brush the snow off your car from the top down. Doesn't really work the other way.

Sammy Cruise

And when you have to dig out (yup that's me trying my best in the picture up top), you shovel from the top down. It's totally not as heavy.

Or you could do what all my neighbors did and get a snow blower. I guarantee they were giggling watching me shovel and think, "Rookie. Poor guy."

I just had to get a video of my way into work this morning and shot another video at Long Sands. We're from Florida and this beach looked way different that what we've seen back there.

How exciting for our first New England snow!

Sammy Cruise

And if you still need some snow-related items yourself ...