WOKQ Sessions (presented by Newburyport Bank) is an awesome opportunity to see rising country stars perform in an intimate setting. That way, when they are selling out Gillette Stadium in five years you can tell everyone, "Hey, I hung out with him/her/them at WOKQ in 2019!"

Brandon Ratcliff is super talented and we see big things for him on the horizon! He grew up in the small town of Cotton Valley, Louisiana and cannot remember a time in his life where music was not a part of it. His mother, Suzanne Cox, was a member of the legendary Cox Family and introduced Brandon to music at a very young age.

Aside from hearing his new single "Number In My Phone" which is a JAM, we also got to learn a little about him. Check out my 60 seconds with Brandon Ratcliff:

So he's an iPhone man and don't expect to see him rocking a man tank and chowing down on a Crunchwrap supreme anytime soon.

Thanks for performing at WOKQ Sessions, Brandon! Our listeners loved meeting you :)

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