Richard McMahon has been feeding deer for over 20 years during the winter season. When he moved to Brownville from Medford, Maine, he continued his efforts to help sustain the deer herd through the winter when it becomes more difficult for them to find food. That's when he created a non-profit organization called Brownville's Food Pantry For Deer.

Last season, Richard estimates over 175 deer came to eat oats, acorns and apples that he loads into troughs with his side-by-side that he calls the "Oatmoblie". It's all broadcast live on YouTube 24-7 during the winter months!

Brownville's Food Pantry For Deer via YouTube
Brownville's Food Pantry For Deer via YouTube

Last season, 24 tons of locally purchased oats were put out for the deer, and they came by the droves.

There are six cameras streaming live from different angles, allowing viewers to watch at any time. They can even watch after dark thanks to night vision cameras! You won't see just deer either. Plenty of squirrels and birds stop by as well, and you get a very up-close view of them with the trough cam.


All those oats will cost The Brownville Food Pantry for Deer about $7000 this year. Since they are a non-profit, the Pantry raises the money through donations to a Go Fund Me that has a goal of $10,000. So if you enjoy watching the live cams, take a moment to donate whatever you can.

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