Two really nice days in a row. Heck, the temperature is even above normal today. However, if you're thinking about bonfire season, you may want to think twice.

An unseasonably cold stretch of early spring, trending towards one of the coldest April's on records, and patches of snow haven't stopped fire danger warnings. The New Hampshire Division of Forests and Land wrote of their website: "The predicted fire danger is a Class 3 (High) for areas without snow cover."

A high level doesn't mean you can't burn, but it is suggested you keep the burning to the early morning and late evening hours. Also, wildfires can be expected. The fact the Forest Service has kept today at class 3 despite today not being an overly windy day should keep the danger in perspective. With rising temperatures, and a lack-of increase in the dew point, Dewpoints will not increase much, New Hampshire may approach but stay just below red flag conditions.

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