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Beer To Support Firefighters is Just Brilliant!

Firefighters are never off the clock and they are always willing to help.  They need our help and support, and one local company is doing something special about it.

Concord Craft Brewing Company just launched a new beer

Concord Craft Brewing Company just launched a new beer, and a portion of the proceeds will go directly to supporting firefighters, according to

The beer is named Can & Irons IPA and the beer can looks so cool with a fire extinguisher and an ax on the front.  I

The beer is to raise awareness for Fire Prevention Week and raise money for the Concord Firefighters Relief Association, according to

The news article stated that the “association was formed in March 1970 as a nonprofit organization to support both active and retired firefighters in need.”

A Beer the Pandemic Put on Hold

Concord Craft Brewing Company had planned to release this last year but with so many restaurants and bars struggling to make it, they put it on hold and released it this year, according to

For every purchase, $1 will be donated to the organization, according to, and if you are curious about the taste, it is an American IPA with highlights of El Dorado, Citra and Strata hops.

If the program is a success, they will try and release one to support firefighters in need every year.  Go out and get a can of Can & Iron IPA, have a beer and support a good cause.

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