They call it their Taco Gigante...and it's coming back this October!

It's a crispy foot-long shell filled with seasoned chicken, ground beef, pork carnitas, bacon, refried beans, Mexican rice, cheese, lettuce, salsa Fresca, queso, and Picante sauces, crema, and pickled jalapenos!! And they aren't joking when they say this bad boy weighs in at 2 pounds! Holy moly, that taco weighs more than some toddlers.

This taco is available for a limited time only plus if you can house this taco in one sitting and you could win FREE tacos for a year. You can only participate in this challenge if you are dining in. Winners receive 1 free beef or chicken taco per week beginning the week of 12/1/19.

The Taco Gigante is available at participating Margarita locations only from 10/1/19 - 10/31/19.

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