If you are craving a bloomin' onion, well you may be surprised to find out there are not many Outback Steakhouses in New England. That is right, there are 10 locations in Massachusetts, 6 in Connecticut, and only one in New Hampshire (so if you are in Maine, you will have a bit of a drive since there are none around).

If you are wondering where in New Hampshire you can get this delicious appetizer prior to a nice juicy piece of steak the only location is at 712 Lafayette Road in Seabrook, New Hampshire. You may be asking yourself "was there always only one location?" The answer is no, there used to be many Outback Steakhouse locations in New Hampshire.

According to Restaurant Clicks, Outback Steakhouse has brought Australian-themed cuisine since 1988. Over the years, Outback Steakhouse expanded to have over 1,300 locations across the country.

Restaurants come and go, and this seems to be what happened to many of the Outback Steakhouses in New Hampshire. There used to be locations in Concord, Bedford, and two in Portsmouth, however, those have all closed down only leaving a location in Seabrook.

S&P Global writes, like many restaurants in 2020 there was a huge decline in customers attending the restaurant. 2020 was a tough year for restaurants to accommodate spreading out customers and even getting people in the door, and Outback Steakhouse was no exception. According to Restaurant Clicks, Outback Steakhouse tries to aid the issue by taking out loans in hopes that the business would go back to normal soon. Unfortunately, it didn't.

There are rumors going around that all Outback Steakhouse locations will close, however, this is still just a rumor so you can still go out and enjoy Australian-themed cuisine. Get the family together and share that bloomin' onion.

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