Ah, Christmastime. The season of joy, decorations, and themed dining is here.

Have you ever had a Christmas dinner inside of a heated yurt?

The answer is probably no, because I am not familiar with any other restaurant that does this!

The Bowery Bar in Dorchester, Massachusetts has officially opened its festive and heated yurts for the Christmas season. Check them out below:

Inside each yurt is heated. I know I already said that. However, it is important to know that you will not be freezing cold inside these structures while you are feasting.

That said, according to the website,

Yurts are heated yet we advise you still dress warm. The colder the temperature is in Boston, the warmer you should dress to enjoy your Yurt experience.

So maybe bring your winter jacket just in case. Jacket or not, what a perfect way to have a holiday celebration.

These are the yurts on the patio at the Bowery Bar.

The yurts do get booked up fast, so you will want to make a reservation in advance.

Each yurt holds up to eight people and prices to reserve the yurt range based on the time of day: lunch, weekday evening, weekend evening, etc.

The yurts have been featured in all kinds of New England social media accounts including Boston Uncovered.

And again, these are THEMED yurts. They are not just empty on the inside. They are a Christmas holiday extravaganza, sure to impress any date or family.

And even though they are yurts, you will still have a typical dining experience with tables, chairs, centerpieces, full service, etc.

I may just have to take my wife here because this place is cool! Tag and share this with your eight friends who you want to take to the Bowery Bar.

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