Lots of people visit or drive by the Oxford Plains Speedway each and every summer in Maine. But when you take a look at one of Maine's most famous raceways from the air, well, the design looks a whole lot like one you'd commonly find at convenience or grocery stores.

Reddit via saigonk

Shared on Reddit by Saigonk, there's no way you can look at the aerial view of Oxford Plains Speedway and not see the Pringles guy. Sure, the famous Pringles guy mustache is more a goatee in this rendering, but that's just nitpicking. A couple commenters suggested that perhaps the design shares a look with Hulk Hogan, but to us, there's a no doubt similarity to the Pringles can.

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Have to believe that all of this is completely by accident and not part of the design plan when the speedway was constructed. Unless the speedway was designed by someone who is a HUGE Pringles fan. In that case, the place hasn't stopped popping and it doesn't seem like anyone is planning on stopping.