Did you know it's National Fire Prevention Week? 


Fire Grill

This is a good time to remind you to take a minute out of your day to check your smoke detectors. Also, if you see a fire/ems professional, thank them for putting their life on the line every single day!



There were some pretty strong thunderstorms in parts of New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts this morning. Hopefully, you made it through okay. For the remainder of your day expect to see clearing skies and a high of 72.  Cloudy in the North Country with the chance of showers and 65.

Top News Stories

Same Sex marriages begin today in Las Vegas
Same-sex partners won't have to worry about marriage licenses in Las Vegas -- they're already gender neutral. And the land of wedding chapels and ordained Elvis impersonators is ready to start performing same-sex marriages today. The decision of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affects Nevada and Idaho. The court ruled that gay couples' equal protection rights were violated by state bans.

An odd request from a man stopped by police
A man out of prison for 10 days has been accused of reckless driving, speeding at 119 miles an hour on Interstate 93 in Manchester.Police said they recorded 38-year-old Kurt Giardullo of Pelham speeding on Tuesday night in the 55 mph zone. Police said Giardullo told them, "You don't need to send a guy back to prison for speeding" as he was taken into custody.

Tractor trailers collide, cranberries spill
New Hampshire State Police say a tractor trailer carrying steel beams rear-ended another one carrying cranberries on Interstate 93, spilling the fruit onto the road and causing damage to two cars.Police said the steel beams on a flatbed came through the cab of the vehicle, injuring 46-year-old driver Mario Lemieux of Disraeli, Quebec. He was treated to cuts to the head.No other injuries were reported in the accident, which happened at about 9:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Stupid News

Firefighters in Maryland were headed to a building fire in Montgomery County late Monday when they were forced to take a short cut, because they're fire truck caught fire!  There is actually video of it.

Joke du Jour

After successfully getting their big line items approved in Congress, two lobbyists were celebrating at a Washington restaurant:
"You know, it's a crying shame our grandchildren haven't been born yet to see what terrific things the government is doing with their money!"

Thursday's Big Morning Broadcast

Tell us about 'Odd Things You Collect.'  Could be worth a pair of tickets to see

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