I am a Masshole, born and bred. I have some words in my vocabulary that my husband (who is of New Jersey-ian descent) always teases me for using. His argument is always "That's not what that means!" and perhaps he's right. But I have relocated to New Hampshire and consider myself a Granite Stater now. And part of that transition is ditching my old Masshole lingo. Half because I want to fully embrace this new chapter of my life and half because whenever I ask where the bubbler is nobody knows what the hell I am talking about.

But before you accuse me of abandoning my roots, these rules only apply while I am on 603 soil. Once I drive down 95 and see that "Welcome to Massachusetts" sign, all bets are off. I will be back to my Masshole ways faster than you can say "Pahk the Cah!"

Here are the words you won't catch me using in New Hampshire:

The Five Masshole Terms I Ditched Since Moving to NH

What words do you associate with being from New Hampshire?

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