It's no secret that we have a loud and proud foodie population here in New England, and with good reason. Our restaurant industry is killing it, and there's never a shortage of new establishments opening their doors to the public. You can never run out of places to visit for your next dining experience, especially in Massachusetts.

This region has always been in the spotlight thanks to the world-famous Food Network. Guy Fieri has visited our restaurants on multiple occasions as part of his show, Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, and multiple regional culinary experts – including a Massachusetts cookie artist and chefs from New Hampshire and Maine – have been featured on television.

Recently, the network decided to share where to find the best pizza in all 50 states. Their decision for Massachusetts is an establishment that combines our universal love of 'za with an iconic New England seafood dish: lobster.

Scampo in Boston, Massachusetts

There's no place in the Bay State quite like Scampo. The restaurant is uniquely situated in the luxurious Liberty Hotel (which used to be the Charles Street Jail, according to the official website). Scampo is famous for their Italian-inspired cuisine, which draws on flavors from the Middle East and Mediterranean. Of course, that includes their pizza. According to Food Network,

Scampo’s owner, Lydia Shire, slathers each pie with lobster cream and then dots it with big chunks of lobster tail. She conceived of the hit when she was faced with too much lobster one season — an only-in-Boston problem — and now it’s a customer favorite.

Come on. It's pizza with lobster on top. How New England is that? We couldn't be more impressed, not to mention the final product looks absolutely delicious.

And to make things even better, lobster isn't the only seafood that makes an appearance on pizza at Scampo. They've even got a shrimp scampi pizza. Absolutely brilliant.

To learn more about Scampo, click here. 

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