A recent video featuring a nasty confrontation with a Maine school bus driver is insane!

There's a lot to unpack here. First, this happened on a school bus in Lovell driven by 74-year-old Shirley Danforth of Stoneham, who is now looking at assault and driving to endanger charges.

Mama Bear Emily Poitras told WMTW that her 8th-grade daughter texted her saying that something was going on with the bus driver. The 13-year-old said the bus driver was yelling and threatening her and the other kids on the bus, the news station reported, so Emily decided to smartly start her cell phone video and meet her daughter at the bus.

That's when the situation got out of hand.


You can hear in the video that Emily (mom) asks the school bus driver if there’s a problem, and the driver says,

They’ve been told and told that they cannot use their cellphones.

It should be noted that the district's policy and most school policies say that cell phones can be used in certain situations on the bus, but students must obey all instructions from the driver.

Emily's daughter says that she was listening to music and that's when the driver, Shirley Danforth, went a little off the rails in the video yelling, 'Don't lie to me!' Emily, now in the doorway of the bus, confronts Danforth saying that you can't yell at kids like that.

Danforth's response was loud and clear in the video:

I yell any way I want. Do not tell me how to run my bus!

Then she takes off with Emily still in the doorway.

Emily spoke to both WMTW and WGME13 saying that she was shocked and grateful she didn't fall!


Emily said in her Facebook post that her daughter said the bus driver pulled over and told her that she has 4 assault charges and isn’t afraid of a 5th.

Well, hope that's true because she has been charged with assault.

Emily is grateful her daughter reached out and that she was home and able to meet her at the bus stop, according to WMTW, and she's also grateful that she wasn't hurt as that bus pulled away.

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