Not to wish time away and I realize winter JUST started, but I am already looking forward to the spring. By springtime I hope life is mostly back to normal and we can finally put all of this COVID business behind us!

I just want to go to a concert, hug my friends, and not have to run back to my car 50 times a day because I forgot my mask! Jeez, you'd think I would remember by now.

One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored (which admittedly is a lot lately) is peruse Airbnb experiences for fun things to do in my area. And you won't believe the experience I found! Or maybe you will, as it is the headline of this article. lol I crack myself up.

The experience is called Hands On With Magical Miniature Horses. I love all animals but miniature animals really put me over the edge (in the good way). I simply can't handle their cuteness.

In the spring you should definitely hit up Cindy's miniature horse farm because it seems like a delightful day. First, she greets you with a coffee or a cold drink. Then she introduces you to what she calls "the herd". Then you choose your own horse for the day!

You can use the horse for therapy reasons aka just pet and bond with the animal. You are also allowed to go for a short trail walk with your new mini horse friend. If you are feeling adventurous you can take a horse over a set of appropriately scaled jumps or obstacles.

Cindy does it all and welcomes any and all questions!

In addition to providing this experience, Cindy is also an Airbnb Superhost. She hosts guests from all over the world in The Trainer's Suite at Mocha Miniature Horse Farm. The first date available for booking is May 1st. Get more info and check out her RAVE reviews in the full list below:


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