Oh, I love a unique hike.

There are all types of hikes and trails in New England.

There are, of course, walking trails all around in state parks, conservation areas, etc. There are bigger hikes like 4,000 footers in the White Mountain National Forest, and there are super unique hikes like ladder rung trails in Acadia National Park.

Sunrise at Beehive Trail, Acadia National Park
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I have just found one of the coolest, most unique hikes in New Hampshire.

No, I have not done the hike, so I am not speaking from personal experience; however, after seeing what this trail offers, I will certainly be trying it out.

I am referring to the Mount Percival Cave route on Mount Percival.

If you try this hike, be aware that you have to be comfortable crawling through tight spaces. Just as the name suggests, you will be crawling through a cave.

According to the trail description on All Trails, "Hikers should be comfortable with heights and rock scrambling before trying this trail. The hike down includes crawling through two small rock openings. Shoes with good traction are necessary for some of the sections of the trail traveling over smooth exposed granite."

Here is a video so you can see just how tight of a squeeze it will be:

The hike is a part of the "Terrifying 25 Hiking Challenge."

This challenge features "several extremely fun hiking lists in New England", according to the Hiking New England Waterfalls website. "It is the only list dedicated to climbing the scariest of New Hampshire's trails. The list was created by Alex, Sage & Patricia Herr and it focuses on NH's trails that include rock scrambles, scree slopes, boulder caves, ladders and rock slides."

Would you be willing to try this terrifying cave trail?

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