Imagine you are hiking and fall. You suffer a head injury and feel dizzy. Finally, a rescue chopper arrives and then spins you more than any amusement park ride could ever do.

According to WMUR TV, that’s exactly what happened to a woman hiking in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to another article from WMUR TV, helicopter recuses happen more often than you would think. Just recently two hikers from Cambridge Massachusetts were picked up by a National Guard Helicopter from the Dry River Valley in the White Mountains.

Helicopter rescue teams are highly trained and thankfully, the team in Phoenix took quick corrective action to prevent a much worse situation. The well-trained rescuers put their back up emergency plans into place and the situation had a happy ending, according to the news station's report.  The woman hiker that suffered the ride of her life is reportedly doing fine.

The important take away is how dangerous a rescue mission like this can become.

Rescuers risk their lives and safety so it’s important to listen and take the advice of Fish and Game officials when you head out to hike.

Nature is amazing, but make sure you are prepared.

If you see a Conservation official, a National Guardsman or anyone from Fish and Game, say a thank you for the risks they take to keep us all safe.

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