Our "$2K a day giveaway rolls on during every weekday in May. All this week we'll have more chances for you to win and here is exactly when you'll be able to to call in for the loot!

Here are the times you need to know to win this week!

Monday May 11th at 12:06 and 6:36 pm

Tuesday May 12th at 12:06 and 6:36 pm

Wednesday May 13th at 9:06 am and 3:36 pm

Thursday May 14th at 10:06 am and 2:36 pm

Friday May 15th at 1:06 and 4:36 pm


We'll give you the chance to win every weekday in the month of May, and don't forget to sign up as a member of the VIP Club for a chance ton win $10,000!