WOKQ is giving you a chance to win one thousand dollars twice each weekday in November, and here are the times that we'll play this week!

When you hear the "cue to call", be the 25th caller in this nationwide contest to 1-877-854-WINS (9467) to win a thousand bucks!  You can even win $10,000 by signing up as a member of the WOKQ VIP Club!

"2K A Day Contest Times"

Monday November 2, 12:06 pm and 4:36 pm

Tuesday November 3, 11:06 am and 6:36 pm

Wednesday November 4,9:06 am and 3:36 pm

Thursday November 5, 10:06 am and 2:36 pm

Friday November 6, 1:06 pm and 6:36 pm

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