The suspect grabbed the two biggest trees on a Chestnut Hill Road lot.

According to Foster's Daily Democrat, someone picked out two cut 7- to 8-foot balsam firs from different parts of a small business Christmas tree lot. The thefts, which occurred before sunrise Monday morning, left the owner with hurt feelings in addition to lost revenue. Kevin Johnson told Fosters “Even though it’s just two trees, it really hurts my feelings that someone would come shopping at 4:40 in the morning and have no worry about it and grab two of the biggest trees he could possibly see!”

The person wasn't simply plucking a few trees from the lot, Johnson said the suspect took the time and targeted trees he specifically wanted, rather than taking two trees closest to the road.

The Rochester Christmas tree dealer said the theft occurred at 4:41am Monday AM and was caught on surveillance camera. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Rochester Police Department at (603) 330-7127.

Let's hope these trees have ALL 25,000 bugs. 



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