Coronavirus is a thing. Everyone is talking about it and flocking to stores to get supplies to hold up for a while.  All good and you should be prepared.

However, here's where it goes wrong. I figured (and unfortunately was right) that there are people out there that will buy up a bunch of stuff and try to sell them.  It's not right.

My wife was shopping and the guy in front of her at checkout had a basket full of toilet paper, another basket full of meat, another with paper towels. Someone asked him if it was all for him and he said no.

Then there is the guy in Tennessee that bought almost 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and started selling them on Amazon for $8-$70 per bottle, according to Market Watch.

That is just wrong. Seems he got caught and Amazon shut his butt down over price gouging!

By the way... you can make your own hand sanitizer.  Check out Rachel Ray's video below.

It seems pretty easy to do!

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