The students made a stand in Downtown Portsmouth in response to negative comments about their prom dresses on Facebook.

Nasty Facebook comments on the local  newspaper's Facebook page lead to a group of girls standing up against body shaming at a rally in Portsmouth on Friday.

The Portsmouth High School girls organized a body positivity rally after a number of individuals made negative and insulting remarks about their prom dresses on the Seacoast Online's Facebook page.

Just glad these ladies are not my daughters!


I'm not making fun and neither is anyone else. They are pointing out facts. The dresses are too short, too tight. These ladies are still kids and they don't need to dress all provocative


I don't see anyone making fun of the students, but stating the dresses in these images are a bit short. Fact. Prom or not I would not want my daughter leaving the house that exposed.

Parents and students launched to support the girls and blasted critics for cyber-bullying. At the rally, the girls said they wanted to host the rally to get women to feel good about who they are and not worry about other people's opinions about their bodies.

Here is the Facebook post that started it all.

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