I have no issue with people choosing to eat or not eat whatever they want. You're Paleo? Fantastic. You only eat eggs sourced from free range, organic, Montessori educated chickens? That's cool. Just don't bombard me with pseudo-science while I enjoy my beer and grilled cheese, thank you very much.

delicious wheat
credit Morgan David de Lossy / ThinkStock

The whole gluten-free phenomenon confounds me. Yes, I understand some people legitimately have a gluten problem-- if you have celiac disease, of course you should avoid wheat. If avoiding gluten makes you feel better, then by all means keep doing what you're doing. You know what? I feel terrible after eating most anything with mayonnaise but you don't hear me advocating that everyone should stop eating mayo.

This video from the Awaken with JP Sears channel on YouTube will most assuredly remind you of someone you know. Warning: not safe to play while at the natural foods store.



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