A new study by the website WalletHub, found the best and worst cities for raising a family, based on everything from the cost of living to playgrounds per capita.

The best place to raise a family in the United States is Overland Park, Kansas. If you aren't willing to pack up the family and move to Kansas there's great news. Several towns across New England did pretty well in the study.

City of South Burlington, Facebook page
City of South Burlington, Facebook page

According to the study, South Burlington, VT is the best place in all of New England to raise a family. And it's the fourth best place in the entire USA! Meanwhile, just up the road...Burlington, VT came in 23rd.

In New Hampshire, Nashua was rated the best city in the Granite State. That's good enough for 29th place nationwide.

Portland, ME was tops in Maine and 53rd overall. Lewiston, ME was three spots further down the list. And Manchester, NH was 88th.

Massachusetts didn't fare to well. Boston was the 133rd best place to raise a family in the country. And despite the Red Sox AAA baseball team moving there in 2019, Worcester was 137 on the list.

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